Eminem Responds to MGK's Diss Track; Called 'Killshot' (LISTEN)

Looks like Eminem has released his repsonse to MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) and put him back in the crosshairs with a diss track of his own called "Killshot" and it's pretty good!

If you haven't heard, Em and MGK have beef with each other. Eminem released an album "Kamikaze" with a swipe at Machine Gun Kelly. So, naturally, Machine Gun Kelly responded with his own diss track called "Rap Devil" (a play on Em's "Rap God"). Then the beef was stewing until Eminem dropped a diss track of his own Friday with "Killshot".

Even the cover has MGK's face in crosshairs, saying that Em is not messing around with this beef (and protecting his daughter). 

Do you think this is real? Or is this staged to raise MGK's profile by being talked about by Eminem? 

Take a listen from Eminem's post: 



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