STUDY: Only 4% Of People Believe They Are BAD Drivers

So how much of this do I believe, let alone you...

According to a new survey, only FOUR percent of people surveyed believe they are BAD drivers. FOUR PERCENT. They are willing to say they are "below average" drivers (that's the wording in the survey).

22% of people say they're above average drivers. That means really good at following the speed limit, USING THEIR TURN SIGNALS (this is notoriously overlooked by many and a pet-peeve of mine), and obey local driving laws and rules of the road. Then there's the 48% who say they're average.

Then when it comes to gender, more males than females would admit to being a bad drivers (5% to 3%). However, when it comes to admitting they are GREAT drivers, males do more of the boasting than female drivers (32% to 13%). 

I feel like 100% of Philly drivers would admit to being GREAT drivers. But we all know that is a lie, because we live through it daily. 



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