Bed Bugs on a SEPTA Bus???

SEPTA is investigating some busses after two videos emerged of brown bugs crawling over the fabric of a bus seat. The woman who took video of the bugs, Crystal Lopez, says she was bitten by what she thought was bed bugs. 


Crystal was riding route 26 to Torresdale Ave on Tuesday when she was bitten. 

“There were over 1,000,” Lopez estimated to Philly Curbed, adding, “They were coming out of the cracks in the seat. It was a lot.”

She told the bus driver who got everyone off the bus. Another incident happened this week on the R route. SEPTA says they took the bus out of service and fumigated. 

A spokesperson from SEPTA told us that this is the normal procedure when something like this occurs and added that busses are cleaned every day and that they are regularly fumigated.

According to Philly Curbed SEPTA told them that they're in the process of removing cloth-backed seats with plastic ones, making cleaning easier.   

There are approximately 1,400 busses in the SEPTA fleet, which means that only .00142857142% of their busses were affected. I'm not too worried, but it might make want to check the seat before I sit down?

Credit: Jeff Fusco / Stringer via Getty Images


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