Firefighter Adopts Dog He Saved in Wildfire

California just experienced the worst wildfire in its history, the Mendocino Wildfires. It caused a lot of damage and one firefighter lost his life battling it. 

One of the fighters on the front lines was Patrick Cullen. According to the Draper City Fire Department, Patrick was fighting the fire and saw a pair of "glowing eyes." He thought it could have been a mountain lion, but it turned out to be a German Shepard. Patrick gave the dog water as it was really thirsty and the dog slept next to the fire truck that night. When Patrick's shift was over he took the dog down to the city to the animal shelter. 

Apparently, Patrick couldn't stop thinking about the dog and since the shelter couldn't find his owners, he decided to adopt the pup! 

After a long drive, Patrick was reunited with the dog who was extremely happy to see him! He decided to name him Mendo, after the Mendocino Fire. 


Out of such destruction and sadness came a new lifelong friendship between a firefighter and the dog that he saved. See the pics and the post! 



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