Shawn Mendez Reveals He's Actually Marshmello at iHeart MMVA's [VIDEO]

Ok we've all fallen for this trick before Marshmello.... yet it never seems to get old. 

When the EDM DJ first broke out into the music world, Marshmello was rumored to be a hidden identity for Zedd, Diplo, Avicci and many others over the years. But once we all were finally informed that the person behind the big, white, non-edible marshmallow head is in fact a Philly Native named Chris Comstock -- our minds were finally at peace... until now. 

The iHeartRadio MMVA's were on Sunday, and when "Marshmello" came out to receive the award for Best EDM/Dance -- it was revealed that the Man underneath the mask was indeed Shawn Mendez⁉️

So naturally, we all believe that this is just one of Marshmello's magic tricks that he likes to pull...but now we can't help but think "Hmm, maybe this is why the two haven't collab'd together before?!"

So what do you think? Is Shawn Mendez, Marshmello... or is Marshmello, Shawn Mendez? HELP

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