Ryan Reynolds Trainer Has a Workout App!

Let me kick this off by saying, the answer is NOPE! I'm not getting paid anything to put this up on my blog, it's all voluntary... It was either this or I was going to write a Baby's 'R' Us review of all the things you shouldn't use your wife's new breast pump on, this seemed like a better use of time. It's just one handsome devil telling all his friends about the workout app that he's using (pssst... I'm the handsome devil) 

It's January 1st 2018 which means everyone is saying the same thing "time to get in shape!" I feel the same way, especially after the Holidays where my Mom decided to try giving me diabetes by running the train on our family with Christmas cookies. Do me a favor, before you go to a gym and pay some personal trainer with a tribal tattoo you've never met a mens big and tall store sized ass load of money download the FITNER app and get workouts from the dude that trains celebs like Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson, the guy in the Barney costume (The last one isn't true, but seriously DEADPOOL?!?!)

Here's how I found Don. Back in  2016 I read an interview with Ryan Reynolds in Mens Health talking about working out and thought "he must have a trainer, he's not just sitting at his house testing new flavors of Doritos and getting those crazy veins popping out of his biceps, right?" After some light stalking on Google I found Don's gym Drive 495 in NYC. A couple emails later and we were Skyping, talking a little about nutrition a little about picking heavy things up and putting them down but mostly about 80's hairbands.

Over the last couple weeks Don has been talking up this new fitness app he's putting out, and he's been telling me 'you won't need personalized workouts from me, you can just use this app' which I originally thought was a like when a girl is trying to tell you it's time to start seeing other people - are we breaking up? As of TODAY (January 1st 2018) his app is out with the workouts he gives his actual clients (the movie stars... the people with bank accounts that have multiple commas. I just download the app and can verify (since we've been together for almost 2 years) this is LEGIT!

Okay.. this has went on long enough, lets land this plane. The Fitner App is out now - and I think you should grab it and get it work on whatever it is your fitness goals are... that's what I THINK! And my wife will tell you, I'm only wrong 96% of the time. Whether you want your body to look like a super hero, a Victoria Secret model or maybe you didn't get those sweating to the oldies VHS tapes under the christmas tree this year and you're looking for something to fill that space. Download it HERE or search for Fitner in your app store. 





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