"The Biggest Loser" is Reportedly CANCELLED!

I'm not sure if you know, but I was on Season 4 of The Biggest Loser.  We shot in LA from April 2007-August 2007, then trained at home for the LIVE Final December 2007.  It was, by far, THE GREATEST time in my life.  I LOVE every minute of it.  I lost 105 lbs, made amazing friends, even had a "showmance," fell in love, and got my heartbroken.  It was also 10 years ago, and SO MUCH has changed in regards to food, nutrition, weight-loss, exercise, etc.  When I was on the show it was all about don't eat and work out alot, but now we know, that is not the best thing for your body.  


 There was a massive study that came out last year where it was basically proved The Biggest Loser hurt and damaged our metabolisms more than helped it.   CLICK HERE TO READ THE STUDY from The New York Times.  I could never figure out why I gained weight so fast.  My life was COMPLETELY different.  I eat SO WELL, work out...Soul Cycle, Flywheel, lift...it made so sense to me.  Then the study came out and I thought, OHH okay.  I also go to a integrated doctor at Jeff and she also said she has no doubt the show hurt me more than it helped.  I'm not sure about that b/c like I said, I really did LOVE it, but it was VERY extreme.

And not to mention, Bob (Harper), who was my trainer on the show, had a massive heart attack in February of this year.  He basically died.  

The show was wonderful for me, but it can't go on like it did.  It needs to be revamped, and it needs to look at people's INDIVIDUAL bodies...not sure fat. 

I will forever be so blessed I had the opportunity, but I understand why it was time for it to go.  Let's hope we can keep learning more about weight/health/fitness so more people can be HEALTHY...and that doesn't mean skinny.  


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