The guy who played 'Barney' reveals the REAL truth about the Purple Dinosaur!

David Joyner is the man who brought happiness to so many of our childhoods and until today, we had no idea who he was. 

Joyner, from 1991 to 2001, was the man behind the iconic purple dinosaur and the voice behind the imaginary character that taught us how to ourselves, our friends, and to be how to one big happy family. 


Joyner spent some time auditioning for acting gigs after his stint as America's favorite dinosaur, but believed the role of Barney was always meant for him. 

“The night before the audition, I had this dream. And in this dream, Barney passes out. And I have to give Barney mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,” he explained. “So on the way to the audition, I’m sitting at a stoplight, and something says ‘Look up.’ So I look up, and there’s this billboard. It says ‘Breathe life into your vacation — Southwest Airlines.’ And then it hits me: I had to breathe life into Barney in my dream. If I go into this audition and breathe life into this character, I’m going on vacation. And that’s exactly what I did.”

In case you need some love today, check out greatest Barney song below:



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