Ellen DeGeneres Makes Shocking Announcement...She's Headed to Netflix!

This should be quite interesting!   Ellen is about to do a STAND UP comedy special on Netflix!  Now if you know Ellen, you know that's how she got started in the business, as a stand up comic.  And she was known for being a little edgy, so it will be interesting to see how far she pushes it, as she's normally sweet and PG on her talk show.

Variety reports that the company is working with Ellen DeGeneres for a standup special. The effort would be DeGeneres’ first special in 15 years, and adds fuel to the argument that Netflix is now the new go-to for top-tier comics.

“It has been 15 years since I did a stand-up special. 15 years,” DeGeneres said in an official statement. “And I’m writing it now, I can’t wait. I’ll keep you posted when and where I’m gonna shoot my Netflix special. I’m excited to do it; I’m excited for you to see it.”


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