It's Official! American Idol is Coming Back...Ryan Seacrest to Host!

It's back! ABC has signed a deal to revive American Idol in March 2018, TMZ reports.  Ryan Seacrest is supposed to host, AND do Live with Kelly. So that's TWO live shows from TWO coasts!  

TMZ explained how he could make it work....AND IT'S INSANE!!!

-- THURSDAYS  Ryan does 'Live' with Kelly, and pre-tapes Friday's show. Kelly's been doing a Friday pre-tape for a long time, so that's not a change. Ryan jumps on a private jet early Thursday afternoon for L.A. and has Friday to prep for 'Idol.'

-- SUNDAYS  Ryan does 'Idol' live at 8 PM ET, which is 5 PM PT.  He jumps on his jet at 7 PM, sleeps for 4 hours and lands in NYC at around 3 AM ET.

-- MONDAYS  Ryan does 'Live' at 9 AM ET, jumps in a car by 10:15 for the airport and jumps on his jet before noon for a second trip to L.A. He lands between 2:30 and 3 PM, goes to ABC and shoots the results show at 5 PM. He books it to the airport and is back in the air by 7 PM.

-- TUESDAYS Ryan sleeps on the plane for 4 hours and lands in NYC at around 3 AM ET. He's back on the 'Live' set for a 9 AM show.

His radio show is unaffected.


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