Eastern State Penitentiary Long Abandoned Hospital Block is Finally Open!

Oh man how creepy is this tour going to be!  Eastern State is one of my favorite destinations in Philly, if you haven't done a tour there, hurry and go!  And I'm not talking about for Halloween.  A real tour.  It's incredible! 

From PhillyVoice:

While some visitors may have seen the prison's operating room from 1910, the rest of Cellblock 3, also called the Hospital Block, has never before been available for tours.

On Friday, May 5, the long-abandoned wing will finally open to the public. Fifteen-minute guided tours will be offered several times a day and will be included in the cost of general admission.

On the tour, visitors will travel through history to a time when tuberculosis was Eastern State's greatest public health crisis, forcing the prison to dedicate a wing solely to medical care. Half of all deaths in the prison could be attributed to the disease.


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