Meghan Trainor on Evvie McKinney's 'The Four' Win & More | EXCLUSIVE

After just six weeks, the world finally has its next superstar: Evvie McKinney. Being on the show only for a short amount of time, the 20-year-old from Memphis, Tennessee with her beautiful, soulful voice won the very first season of The Four: Battle for Stardom, impressing not only all those tuned in each week, but the panel of hitmakers themselves, Diddy, DJ Khaled, and Meghan Trainor

Evvie's life is about to change forever, because not only does her music career launch with the help of the panel, not only does she get a recording contract with Republic Records, but she will also become iHeartRadio's next "On the Verge" artist; an artist development program supporting the winner with airplay across iHeartMedia radio stations nationwide. This program has helped launched the careers of artists like Sam Smith, Fifth Harmony and Nick Jonas, among others.

Meghan Trainor exclusively tells iHeartRadio of Evvie's performances on the show's finale, "It just blew my mind. And I don't go to a lot of concerts. I have fun at concerts, but I'm always like studying and working. But at that, I just let go of all my thoughts, and was like, 'This is the best show ever.' And I just was like, 'Oh, this is what people mean when they have the best time at a concert.' And she gave that to me, so it was very special."

Like many of her fellow competitors, Evvie's story is very touching and inspiring. Her father, a gospel singer, passed away, and after her very first performance on The Four, explained that she was on that stage for him. Then, during the finale, Evvie opened up about her mother and brothers, and explained how much support they've given her. Meghan said of the moment, "It was beautiful, and her mom was there. I was just like, 'You did it.' And her brothers are so supportive. Every show they were there jumping. I love them."

Evvie's family was there to witness her win, and excitedly joined her on stage after the big reveal was made to celebrate. Meghan tells us of their reaction, "It was the best reaction, and her family is the cutest in the world. I don't know if [through] the glitter will show, because there's so much confetti raining down, but her older brother picked me up and swung me around like eight times, which I've never had that done to me in my life, because I'm like, 'Don't pick me up.' You know? But that was a magical moment. It felt like a little fairytale little moment."

As far as the experience as a whole, of being the person to say yes or no to someone's dream of becoming a recording artist, Meghan calls the experience "amazing" and that she learned a lot, especially when there was "so much talent that it was kind of freaky." She explains:

"The Four was an amazing experience. I felt so honored and so cool to be next to these amazing panelists every day, and I learned so much. I learned a lot on TV. I learned a lot about how to say no to people with big dreams. That was tough. That was the hardest lesson I had to learn. Because I just wanted to say yes to all of them, but I was like, we have a show and this is how the rules work. But I loved it. I loved every second of it. I loved my pretty outfits. I loved giving my opinions and letting the world see the songwriter side of me, and the producer side of me, that maybe they didn't know I had. So, it was really cool, and it was quick. They're like, 'it's over.'"

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