'The Four' Episode 4: The Big Upset - Find Out Who Lost Their Chair

The Four

In just two more weeks, we will officially be introduced to the next big superstar ... the winner of The Four: Battle For Stardom. And with new challengers replacing members of The Four each week, the competition is as fierce as ever. 

Last week, after each member of The Four was challenged (which is the first time that's happened on the show so far), Zhavia and Jason Warrior kept their seats while Cheyenne Elliott and Candice Boyd went home, replaced by newcomers, rapper Rell Jerv and singer Tim Johnson, Jr.

Week 4 of The Four started off with a performance from The Four, Zhavia, Jason, Rell, and Tim. The foursome performed Bruno Mars's "Finesse." Afterwards, Diddy had this to say about the competition so far: 

"First of all, we can't know where we're going, unless we know we're we've come from. We started with four artists in those seats. Those artists are no longer here. Nobody's safe. So, the competition is gonna be rough, and I'm ready to see a star be born."

Then, the first potential challenger confidently came out to perform, and it was 22-year-old Nicolina from Orlando, Florida, who has invested all of her college funds into her music career. After chatting with the judges, Nicolina sang The Chainsmokers’ smash hit "Don’t Let Me Down." While Meghan Trainor didn’t seem sold, telling her that at 22, she still has time to practice to become a superstar one day, Charlie also said, "I didn’t get goosebumps over your voice, and I think that’s part of the package, and I think there’s work to do there." Meanwhile, Diddy told her, "I need to see the artist in you," and DJ Khaled told her that she wasn't "better than The Four at this moment." And with four no’s, Nicolina went home.

The Four

Next up was Ravaughn from Carson, California, who has sung backup for artists like Brandy, Keri Hilson, and Keyshia Cole, as well as on Glee for six years. Eventually, she signed with Columbia Records after meeting Ne-Yo, but eventually took a step back from music. But she returned to the stage on The Four, where DJ Khaled had admitted he has seen her before in the studio and on social media. Hoping to become the next challenger, Ravaughn sang Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry.”

Afterwards, Diddy told Ravaughn, "I really like that you didn’t try to do too much. I like that it felt like you. It had a little bit of sexiness in it, and you look like a Bad Boy artist." Meanwhile, Khaled showed his admiration for Ravaughn with an airhorn, while Charlie Walk told her, "I respect you. You’ve been around, clearly you’ve worked hard, you’ve been on a label. I don’t know if you can beat The Four." In the end, Ravaughn got four yes’s and became the first official challenger of the night, and she chose to go after Jason Warrior’s seat.

Jason sang first, and performed David Guetta and Sia's "Titanium," while Ravaughn followed with Brandy's "Have You Ever." With both Jason and Ravaughn on stage, Meghan told Ravaughn that she was "pleasantly surprised," because she wasn’t sold on her first performance. "This song was so perfect for you, and showed me exactly where you could be on the radio and as a performer, and I was so proud and so happy, and got chills all over my body. I do think you won this performance," Meghan said. Meanwhile, Diddy told her, "I don’t think you did enough to beat Jason. But it’s not up to me, it’s up to our family, the audience."

And after the audience voted – the closest vote with less than 1% separating Jason and Ravaughn -- they agreed with Diddy, and declared Jason the winner, defending his seat for another week.

The Four

Next was 22-year-old Edi Callier from Covington, Georgia. Edi, and his lucky scarf "Esmerelda" tied around the mic stand, performed Nick Jonas's "Jealous." Meghan loved Eddie's riffs telling him, "I love your confidence, your riffs were incredible," while Diddy said, "I'm looking for the total package, because I have to make those hard decisions. And I just think that you have some more work to do, and be inspired, and get mad, and prove us wrong." Charlie echoed and told Edi, "I think your'e really sweet. We're not in the sweet business, we're in the star business, and I think you have a great way of presenting yourself, but with what we're trying to do here, we're doin' that," then pointing to The Four. Edi, replied, "If you give me a chance, and I think I can change your mind." But ultimately, he received four no's from the judges, and so, Edi said goodbye.

The next potential challenger to take the stage was 28-year-old rapper Nick Harrison from Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. Nick chose to perform "Bad Boy For Life," a little nod to Diddy over in the panelist chair. Meghan called Nick’s performance "amazing," while Diddy was looking like he wanted a challenge. Just the same, Khaled told Nick he wanted a head to head battle with Rell Jerv. Khaled got his wish, because with four yes’s from the judges, Nick got the opportunity to go for Rell’s chair.

It was Rell vs. Nick, and afterwards, Khaled said, "First of all, Rell, I see you more making songs" while he told Nick, "I respect what you did on some MC battle stuff." He added, "At the end of the day, the fans gotta choose." And, while the judges liked both Nick and Rell, Meghan was more Team Nick, while Charlie was more Team Rell. Then, Diddy told Nick, "It's about the songs," then explaining to Rell, "I think Nick showed that he wanted it more than you today."

But, like Khaled said, it was all up to the audience. And they picked Nick as their hip hop champion of the night, knocking Rell out of his seat.

The Four

With Nick replacing Rell on The Four, the next potential challenger, Josh Wyper, was hoping to do the same. And to help him try to do it, the 30-year-old from Vancouver performed Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey." While Meghan liked Josh, she told him, "I just wanted a little bit more from you," while Charlie questioned who Josh was as an artist. And Diddy told him, "That song is about pain, it's a deep yearning desire, and I didn't feel that desire." After the verdict was in, Josh got four no's from the judges, and went home.

The last challenger of the night was 20-year-old Kendyle Paige from New York, and she performed G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha's hit collaboration "Me, Myself & I." Meghan told her that she didn't want to see a challenge happen, but Diddy did, and he called her performance "effortless." And Khaled said, "I'm vibing. Your voice is dope." Even though Meghan was unsure, Kendyle got four yes's from the judges, and so she chose to go after Zhavia's chair.

Zhavia went first and performed Rihanna's "Diamonds," followed by Kendyle who sang ZAYN's "PILLOWTALK." Meghan told Kendyle, "You impressed me a lot," but added, "as an artist, I wanna buy Zhavia's album." DJ Khaled said, "I'm very stressed out. I don't like to be stressed out." And Diddy told Kendyle, "What you did up there is what going for your dreams and fighting for your dreams is about. You really stepped up. It's up to the fans though." And after the fans spoke, the verdict was in, and they chose Kendyle, sending Zhavia, the longest running member of The Four home.

Visibly upset, Meghan said, "We just lost the best person," eventually adding, "I'm falling apart." And through a lot of tears, believing Zhavia was the winner of the battle, she concluded with, "I did not think that Kendyle would beat Zhavia, and I had to be very convinced to let her go through."

So, after the biggest upset on The Four: Battle For Stardom so far, here are your final Four of the night who will take their talents to next week's episode: Tim Johnson Jr., Jason Warrior, Nick Harrison, and Kendyle Paige.

The Four

Emotions on The Four are high, and the stakes are even higher. Not only will the winner's career launch with the help of the judges, they will also become iHeartRadio's "On the Verge" artist; an artist development program supporting the winner with airplay across iHeartMedia radio stations nationwide. This program has helped launched the careers of artists like Sam Smith, Fifth Harmony and Nick Jonas, among others.

Who's the next super star?! Stay tuned to The Four: Battle for Stardom every Thursday at 8/7c on FOX.

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