'The Four' Episode 3: Four Challenges In One Night, Who Dethroned Who?

The Four

It is only episode 3 of The Four: The Battle for Stardom, and we already have a completely different Four from the premiere episode. Last week, 16-year-old Zhavia (who was the first person to steal a seat on The Four) was not challenged, which took her through to the third week while three new singers each claimed their seat: Candice Boyd, Cheyenne Elliott (Diane Warren's granddaughter), and Jason Warrior.

To kick off week 3 with a bang, Candice, Cheyenne, Zhavia, and Jason sang Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj's "Bang Bang." Afterwards, Fergie asked Diddy who from The Four he would not want to see go home, and he replied, "I feel like I could do something really, really special with Zhavia." 

Zhavia was actually having vocal troubles and was ordered to be on vocal rest by doctors. But she said at the beginning of the night, "I'm not gonna let that hold me back if I get challenged."

Then, 24-year-old rapper (and dad to two adorable young sons) Rell Jerv from Wilmington, Delaware walked out on stage to become the first potential challenger of the night, and performed "Pools." Meghan Trainor called him "clever and talented," while Charlie said, "Real artists do what you just did, and you did you." Meanwhile, Diddy had this to say to the rapper: "The thing that I didn't really like is if I can detect the influences too much of other people, but the thing I loved was 35 seconds into it, I heard Rell. I heard you." And the verdict from the judges revealed four yes's, making Rell the first challenger of the night. Rell chose to go for Cheyenne's seat. Fergie asked her to comment on fans saying she only got her seat last week because of her famous musical grandmother, to which Cheyenne replied, "I respect my family and I love my family but, I'm willing to work just has hard as any of these people up here."

Cheyenne went first, performing Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball," followed by Rell, who performed "I Own it." And just like the song says, Rell owned it, indeed. Afterwards, DJ Khaled told Cheyenne, "There's a lot of pressure on you because you got the blood of an icon -- icon alert -- and you performed amazingly today." Diddy called her "the future icon," while Meghan, who enjoyed her performance told her, "I did wish we saw something different tonight." As for Rell, Charlie told him, "What you do is important for the world to see."

It was a strong performance from both performers, but only one could win, and the audience chose Rell, dethroning Cheyenne and sending her home.

Rell Jerv

The next performer to take the stage was 18-year-old Sean Cavaliere, who was previously in boy band New District (who broke up last year). Sean chose to sing Shawn Mendes's "Stitches," and shockingly, sounded just like Shawn -- maybe it's the name? Meghan told him that she wishes she didn't pick a Shawn Mendes song to sing because "we have a Shawn Mendes." Charlie told Cavaliere about working with Shawn Mendes, and asked him if he writes songs too, because Shawn had written "Stitches" himself. Meanwhile, Khaled said, "I don't feel like he was better than The Four." However, after the judges voted, two said yes and two said no. So, Sean went home and Charlie had this advice for Sean: "Find your sound and keep doing what you're doing."

Next, came 23-year-old Jefferson Clay from Austin, Texas with his acoustic guitar, who performed James Morrison's "Better Man." Diddy called Jefferson's performance "beautiful," while Meghan called it "impressive." And after the verdict came in, Jefferson got four yes's, making him the second challenger of the night. Right before he chose which member of The Four he wanted to take on, DJ Khaled pulled his son Asahd (ASAHD IN THE BUILDING) on stage, and encouraged him to "make the right decision." Ultimately, Jefferson chose to go after Jason's seat.

First up in the challenge was Jason, who sang Rihanna's "Love on the Brain," as his two brothers and mother proudly watched from the audience, and got a standing ovation from the judges and a personal pat on the back from Khaled. Then, Jefferson took the mic to perform R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)." After some constructive criticism for both Jefferson and Jason, the audience voted, and chose Jason as the winner, and he was safe for another week.

Jason Warrior

Following that emotional challenge, the next challenger appeared on stage -- 30-year-old Nicole Boggs from Nashville, Tennessee. Nicole sang Meghan Trainor's "Like I'm Gonna Lose You," and Meghan loved it and called the performance "amazing." Diddy said, "I don't know. Some things you don't know on the first listen or look. So, I don't know. But, I like you." In the end, Nicole got four yes's for the judges, and chose to challenge Zhavia, who had been wanting to sing all night and is the current longest-running member of The Four.

Despite her vocal illness, Zhavia performed Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly." Then, Nicole followed with Kesha's "Praying." Afterward, Charlie told Nicole, "You sang 'Praying' so beautifully, everyone felt your voice. We all got goosebumps." Meanwhile, Diddy said that even though he thought Nicole's voice was beautiful, Zhavia has the artistry, and "that's why [he's] rockin' with Zhavia." 

And so, Zhavia still remains the longest running seat-holder on The Four thus far, and is safe for another week.


Next up was 18-year-old Tim Johnson, Jr., who sang Al Green's  "Let's Stay Together" ... and even busted out a few dance moves! Meghan called Tim's performance "so fun to watch," while Charlie called him the "ultimate performer." Diddy also called it a good performance, before admitting he was unsure about Tim's song choice at first. And with four yes's Tim Jr. became the final challenger on the night, taking on Candice for her seat.

Candice performed first, singing Alessia Cara's hit "Here," followed by Tim performing Kodaline's "All I Want." Loving both performers, Khaled said afterward, "I'm very stressed out, and I don't like to be stressed out." And, Meghan thought Candice had an incredible voice, but said "For some reason, I see Tim's vision more." But ultimately it was up to the audience, and they chose Tim. So, Tim became the newest member of The Four, sending Candice home.

Here are your final Four of the night who will take their talents to next week's episode: Rell Jerv, Tim Johnson Jr., Zhavia, and Jason Warrior.

The Four: Battle For Stardom

The competition is as fierce as ever, and the stakes are extremely high. Not only will the winner's career launch with the help of the judges, they will also become iHeartRadio's "On the Verge" artist; an artist development program supporting the winner with airplay across iHeartMedia radio stations nationwide. This program has helped launched the careers of artists like Sam Smith, Fifth Harmony and Nick Jonas, among others.

Who's the next super star?! Stay tuned to The Four: Battle for Stardom every Thursday at 8/7c on FOX.

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