Did Taylor Swift Get Her First Tattoo???

When you think of Taylor Swift you don't think of tattoos. That's because the 29-year-old doesn't have any, until Thursday night?!?

Celebrity tattoo artist, Jonboy, posted a pic on Instagram of him working on someone with blond hair. Since we only see her back, we don't know for sure who it is, but he tagged Taylor Swift in the pic. From the back, the woman has a resemblance to T.Swift. Swifites were debating each other in the comments asking whether or not Taylor would actually get a tattoo. 

Well, People Magazine reached out to Taylor's people who said that she did not get a tattoo. 

Many Swifites could double as detectives. They said the woman's hair color and texture isn't exactly like that and she's never been seen with that necklace before. 

Taylor in the past has said that she doesn't want to commit to something that's so permanent, but if she were to get one it would be a 13. 

Take a look at the IG post below. What do you think?

Here's a screenshot of the same post tagging Taylor 

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