Dude Puts Up 300 Billboards To Apologize To Girlfriend!

Who puts up 300 billboards to apologize to their significant other?!?

Apparently, this dude in India did. 

Nilesh Khedekar, a 25-year-old local businessman in India, put up 300 billboards apologizing to his girl after "a quarrel". The problem is, he didn't PAY for any of the billboards to go up. Instead, he was the one who plastered the billboards saying "I AM SORRY" with his girl's name. Yikes! Now, police are investigating this and will charge him with illegal hoardings and defacement of public property. 

What I want to know is...what did this guy do to screw up SO ROYALLY that he had to apologize publicly. Does he not have a cell phone? Did she get a restraining order put on him? I have so many questions...



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