[LIST] Shopped At These Stores? Because They Were Hacked.

Identity theft is rampant these days because of how connected the world is. It's SUPER easy to pay with a smartphone, a watch, or with a click of a button on Amazon. 

Hackers see this as an opportunity and if you're not sure if your information was compromised, here is a list of businesses recently hacked. 

1.  Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks recently announced that five million credit card numbers might have been stolen, which is the same company that owns Lord & Taylor.
2.  Panera Bread. There was a flaw in their website that might have left 37 million people's information open to hackers.
3.  Whole Foods.  Grocery shopper? No problem. But if you bought stuff in their in-store cafe last summer, they said the payment system got hacked.
4.  Forever 21.  Between March and October of last year, anyone who shopped there could have been hacked.  This was announced back in November.
5.  Kmart.  Customers' credit card info got stolen last June.
6.  Sonic.  Five million credit card numbers might have been stolen last year. Might.
7.  GameStop.  Between August 2016 and February 2017, a hacker stole names, addresses, and credit card info.

More businesses can be found here.



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