[LIST] The Top Ten Things Young Adults Are Stressed About

Everyone stresses at one point or another during the day. There's a new survey saying the average person between 18-25 is stressed out for 6 hours a day!  

There is also a running list of the tops things young adults are stressed about:

1.  Money.
2.  Their future.
3.  Their appearance.
4.  Their weight. So that's two in the top five that have to do with vanity.
5.  Their overall health.
6.  Getting a job.
7.  Trying to get into a chosen career path, which is slightly different than finding a job.
8.  Finding a job that pays enough money, which IS kind of repetitive.
9.  The health of a friend or family member.
10.  Meeting deadlines and goals at work.

How many of these do you agree with?



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