Big Time Rush Gets Bombarded Backstage By Gritty At The Wells Fargo Center

Picture this: A room full of rushers, Big Time Rush in the flesh... and Gritty all back stage at Q102 Jingle Ball -- what could go wrong?! Well with Gritty being the number one fan of BTR, I'd say nothing but a surprise visit from Philly's favorite mascot that definitely took the guys by surprise!

After a quick hiatus, Big Time Rush returned to the stage for the first time in a long time at our show here in Philly where they performed their new song "Call It Like I See It" for the first time! So given the boys may have been a little rusty... We got in their heads a little bit to play a quick came of Who's Most Likely Too... just to make sure they're mentally prepared of all the things that COULD happen!

Such as... being bombarded by the nations strangest (and most loved) mascot. And their reaction was PRICELESS.

Listen to It below!

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