THE GRAND REVEAL: The Face Behind The Viral Philly Affirmations!

FINALLY! We put a face behind the viral phenomenon that has taken over our social media here in Philly -- Meet Ariel, the brains behind the Philly Affirmations, an instagram account that quite literally took Philly by storm over night.

Quick background: After finding Philly Affirmations IG (because I saw a repost on Viral Philly Tik Toker Bran Flakezz page) I quickly came to realize that this could be one of the most relatable accounts Philly instagram has ever seen.... so I decided to make a mention of It over the air.

After DM'ing whoever was behind the magic to let them know how great they were, we became FAST virtual friends -- although I still had NO idea who this person was. I asked if one day when he/she were ready to reveal themselves, we could do It on my podcast Serving SiRACHa... and the response was "HECK YEAH, maybe after I hit a certain amount of followers?"

Let's just say, Philly Affirmations went from 3,000 to 24K OVER NIGHT. With a quick DM following: "so how about that podcast now?" 👀

So without further ado... let me have the absolute HONOR of introducing you to the face behind Philly Affirmations in the podcast below!

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