Dixie D'Amelio Plays 'DISH IT or DITCH IT' While Talking About New Single

I feel like we all already know her after seeing her entire life portrayed on Tik Tok -- but Dixie D'Amelio has sooo many more layers to her as she joins me on my podcast Serving SiRACHa to talk about her career in music! And we even played a tell all game where she had the option to DISH IT to speak her truth or DITCH the question... and let's just say our girl is SO unapologetically herself!

And for those who may not know too much about Dixie other than her 15 second videos, she is one of the TOP 10 most followed creators on TikTok with over 90M followers on all her social platforms combined, AND has already made It onto the coveted Forbes 30 Under 30 at the age of 19.

So in this podcast, we learn more about who Dixie is off the camera screen as she dishes It on who her favorite and LEAST favorite celebrities are that she has met, who she would like to collab with on her next song, and which she would choose if she had to decide between Tik Tok (the app that has given her a platform) or Music (the career path of her dreams).

Check It out below!

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