Candytopia Is Staying In Philly For A SECOND Season!

I don't know about you, but growing up my FAVORITE board game was Candyland... and now I'm freaking out because little did I realize there's a REAL IF CANDYLAND right in our backyard!

Thank goodness it's staying for another season because I almost missed out on The Candytopia in the Fashion District, that of which is legit the most fun, nostalgic, and edible pop-up I've ever been in Philadelphia!

Each year, this notorious pop-up picks up and moves throughout the country to a new city. However, Philly has just become the FIRST city it's calling It's home for the SECOND season, because It's been so popular here & they just want to make sure as many people can have the chance to explore It!

There are Philly staples in there like the LOVE PARK sign, the ROCKY statue, and even a portrait of Will Smith... ALL made out of candy! One of the coolest parts is that It tells you how many pieces of candy are in each piece of art and how long It took them to make -- and also how many grams of sugar is in each one but who cares about that, right?!

And It's the PERFECT Photo op!
Check out some pics & videos I took below:

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