New TV Series Being Filmed in Philly Is Looking For Contestants!

Tell me you're from Philly without TELLING me you're from Philly... this new TV series being filmed in Philly will go first!!

This series called "Do You Take this Mortgage?" is filming in the Philadelphia area and will be a groundbreaking project documenting the theory that where you live says a lot about you.

It's quite simple: Single people will choose a house that they adore and will move into this home with someone else who also loves it...and is ALSO single. After 30 days, they will have to decide if they would sign a mortgage together!

Will choosing the house of their dreams help them find the love of their life? If not, they keep their money and walk away from the house... and each other.

So with that being said, if you know someone who has been saving for a down payment but can't do it on their own, AND is single looking for love...this could be the perfect fit!

Click here to apply!

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