A New App Just Launched in Philly That Helps Save Food From Going To Waste

Ok I'll be the first to admit that I am AWFUL with my left overs... usually if I'm going out to dinner, it's meant to be an occasion and treat myself.
So with my natural sense of "eat healthy guilt" in combination with my "don't be wasteful" conscience... I bring food home that I don't want to eat the next day hoping someone else in my house will eat It in attempts to start my diet back up again, so it usually goes to waste.

BUT NOT ANY MORE! This app (that I probably should have downloaded yesterday) is called "Too Good To Go” and there's plenty of benefits for its customers such as grabbing good take-out meals at one-third of the price.

In saving food from becoming waste, you also help save local small businesses too!

This is food that often can't get donated or served again the next day but is fresh and ready to eat at the moment.

The company behind the app has saved more than 65 million meals from the trash so far.