2nd Grader From Philadelphia Becomes Published Author [VIDEO]

Ok so, I've decided I officially need to do more with my quarantine time because A SECOND GRADER, Asil from Lotus Academy in Philadelphia, JUST BECAME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!

He has been pretty busy writing his own books and encouraging other children in the Philly area to become educated amidst the pandemic.

It’s become a family affair as another name graces the cover of Asil's first book as well. His older brother, Andre, is credited as the illustrator of the book. The pair and their mother work together to bring literacy skills to local youth.

And get this, they're also benefitng the community by giving away free books and often host reading sessions with Asil's classmates. Outside their home stands an orange box labeled, "Sidewalk Library," where children can freely take a book home to read.

The book is called “I Can Read So I Can Lead” and has already helped many young children with reading.

Excuse me while I go cry... check out Asil's journey below!