Jersey & Philly Natives Riding Bikes Across Asia To Help Children In Need

Not all super heroes wear capes, but they sure do ride bikes!

At least that's definitely the case for Nicole Heker, who is one of two Delaware Valley millennials who are riding their bicycles from Thailand to Spain to help children who are suffering the streets.

She told the Philly Voice that there's two points to this mission:

 On a personal level, she’s looking to see the world through fresh eyes, unlearning what she’s known along the way. In a wider scope, the 6,000-plus-mile journey is designed to help raise attention and funds for an effort she and others have undertaken to help youths facing a world of child marriage, child labor and extreme poverty in Nepal.

The 26-year-old Penn State grad from Princeton is riding along with her friend Ellen Carney, a Temple Grad from Philly -- and the two are teaming up with the Happy Kids Center; which is a community-based organization that aims to help children escape the harsh reality of life for a few hours each day and just be kids. Last year, some 60 children from 28 families benefitted from HKC's varied services -- according to Philly Voice

The two have currently been traveling for 406 days and just stopped in Turkey! To follow along with their journey & donate, click here!!!

and check out the journey video below!