Añejo Philly Just Made Your Monday Night Date Night SO Much Better [VIDEO]

You've seen Añejo in Northern Liberties on Tik Tok for It's famous brunch. But have you heard about It's new Monday night exclusive tasting menu?!

I had the privilege of going to try out Añejo for the first time on #NationalMargaritaDay this past Monday (and let me tell you... It's the perfect place to celebrate with their agave drinks and more) but we also got a taste of their new EXCLUSIVE tasting ticket that they will now feature on the last Monday of each month to just 15 people, separated by protective dividers per party of course.

On these Mondays, the restaurant will bring in a different alcohol vender to craft their own specialty drinks as well as a gourmet chefs from across Philadelphia to highlight their menu and compliment It to a liquor tasting!

Talk about the perfect date night, it was just the right amount of instruction, description, time to eat an chat, music & LOTS of Alcohol! Check out my amazing experience in the video below!

For more info on ticket purchases, click HERE.