Philly Honors The Lives of Those Who Have Been Lost Amidst COVID Pandemic

There has been so much loss that we've suffered in 2020, not just amongst privileges such as restaurants, bars, entertainment life -- but more importantly, lives.

The pandemic has hit the city of brotherly love HARD, to say the least, and It's about time we acknowledge that.

To honor the ones who have fought, sacrificed & fallen ill to the coronavirus pandemic who's lives we cannot get back, the city of Philadelphia remembered their lives outside of Independence Hall with a sea of 860 empty white chairs. Each chair symbolizing 10 lives that have been lost here in Pennsylvania amidst COVID-19.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

COVID-19 survivors came together to share their stories and visualize their loss at a socially-distanced event organized by COVID Survivors for Change, a nationwide nonprofit that tells the personal stories of those affected by the pandemic and advocates for lifesaving policies.