BFF's Accidentally Raise Over $20K For Philadelphia With "Bad [Ass]" Shirts

We all now know the infamous words of our President Donald Trump after the first Presidential Debate of 2020 a couple of weeks ago: "Bad Things Happen In Philadelphia".

However, two best friends named Paige Knapp & William Bulat decided that our city was full of WAY too many hard working people that add Grit to Philly and actually help facilitate the "good things" that happen here.

In which case, the night after the debate they decided to create shirts online that said "Bad [ASS] Things Happen in Philadelphia" to negate the president's claims -- with the intention of giving 100% of the proceeds to Philadelphia based community groups who drive this city!

With the expectation that only a few friends would buy the shirts... they woke up the next morning with over $20,000 dollars worth of shirts sold to give back to the Philly community, according to their now viral Tik Tok Video!

Hopefully they'll make more soon but check out the shirts here!