This Is Why Philly Was Covered In Red This Week [PHOTO]

You may be wondering why our city looks like It's painted in red at night time -- but It's to bring your attention to a greater message sweeping the nation.

The trending #RedAlertRESTART is a message across the country to help us brainstorm new ways to bring back live musics to help restart the arts & live events production teams across the nation that help us put on our big shows every year, like Jingle Ball! That of which usually bring in BILLIONS of dollars, not just to philly, but to our entire US economy...

However, due to the pandemic and obviously the avoidance of big crowd gatherings, a lot of these production teams haven't been working and not only are they losing money, but so are we!

So we all need to work together to collectively find new ways to keep live music going amidst 2020!

Help restart by going to to urge congress to pass the Restart Act and #ExtendPUA.

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