Sylvester Stallone Honored By 'Rocky In Lights' Over Philly Art Museum

This is It, this is all we needed to die happy...right?!

The legend himself, Sylvester Stallone; You know, the absolute ICON that played Rocky Balboa and climbed the Art Museum in Philadelphia for a series of 8 Rocky Movies...yeah that guy, caught a glimpse of the Drone light show that our radio station at Q102 Philly put on as a way of announcing our Q102 Hundred And Two Grand In the Sand Contest.

During said light show, we were able to put up many iconic images of Philly including the love sign, Gritty, and of course Rocky.

Well It looks like Sly Stallone took to instagram to show how honored he was to see Rocky's legacy live on in such a big way in the City of Brotherly Love!

Check It out below!

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