Elmo Leads The 'Positive Movement' Down Streets of Philly Amidst Pandemic

Just when I thought we were all starting to loose It in quarantine... I thought right!

Saturday afternoon my roommate started shouting from the kitchen saying "Rach come here! There's a twerking Elmo outside & It's HILARIOUS." I literally responded with, "I'm sorry...what?"

To my surprise she wasn't lying. Behind a twerking Elmo was a drumline coming down my street in Fishtown.

But I was wrong about one thing... I thought wrong. Philly hasn't totally lost It in quarantine because apparently, twerking Elmo and the drumline is a THING!

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The drum line was Positive Movement, the ensemble that famously performs around Philly incorporating characters from TV and comics, often led by William Fulton, better known around town as Philly Elmo. Positive Movement took a hiatus initially during the coronavirus pandemic, but after debating whether to stay inside, made the decision that its adult drummers, should they choose, would still hit the streets, while youth participants would stay home.

Other than collecting money, which I assume goes towards the Positive Movement to continue gathering resources to teach music to the group -- this very random yet, not random, moment here in Philly this weekend definiely Other than collecting money in a water jug, for which I assume go towards the Positive Movement to continue obtaining resources to teach those in the Philadelphia area about music -- The random yet, not-so-random strut down the streets of Philly sure brought some positivity to the lives of those who really could use a smile right about now!

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