This Video May In Fact Be EVERY South Jersey Guy Stuck In Quarantine[VIDEO]

Everyone raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by a video on social media🙋🏽😂

This interpretation of "being trapped in quarantine with your South Jersey boyfriend" is so beyond accurate It like ACTUALLY hurts my soul... and my cheeks & belly from laughing so hard.

Being from Cherry Hill, and living in Ventnor for quite some time -- I've seen ALL of this. From the pork roll, to the 'mac-a-mancos' (aka Manco & Mancos) and the Hoagies to the wooder ice... I give this South Jersey impersonation a 10/10.

Shout out to Dominick Nero for giving us the best Jersey content we have see in all of Quarantine! Check It out below.

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