Bucks County Opens 'Fuel The Fight' To Help Those In Need Amidst Pandemic

We're called the City of Brotherly Love for a reason, and this is It...

A few weeks ago, two couples, Tessa Hoyer and Chris Whitman, along with Dani Tuller and Mike Mirande got to talking about how they could help our community during this pandemic. Which ultimately led to them deciding to start a local chapter of Fuel the Fight!

Fuel the Fight was originally started in the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) and has already expanded to many other areas including New York, Baltimore, Washington DC and Westchester County. But now, these selfless souls are bringing the support to the Philly Suburbs with Fuel the Fight Bucks County.

We've all seen many examples of kindness throughout this pandemic, whether it is cheering for the healthcare workers at outside our homes at a certain time, or a drive by birthday for an elderly woman who hadn’t seen her family due to the lockdown.

In order to keep the positive spirit alive in our area, the couples decided to start this chapter to support local businesses and healthcare workers in the area!

So ultimately, what they're doing is:

1. Partnering with local restaurants that are struggling to provide local hospitals with catered meals for all of their healthcare workers. 

2. Creating a gofundme to raise money to support these heroes during this incredibly difficult time, 100% of donations will be used to feed our healthcare heroes.

3. Depending on the money raised, they will provide as many meals to Bucks County hospitals as they can.

In just 3 short weeks, Fuel The Fight Bucks County has raised over $8,500! They've delivered over 600 meals to hospitals, pharmacies, and nursing home staff with more on the way. Let's help them continue to raise awareness about the cause by sharing this page with friends & family and keep fueling the fight for Bucks County!

To donate to Bucks County Fuel The Fight's Go-Fund-Me Page, click here

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