The Escapades Of Pablo Picossum [IGTV Series]

As some of you know (those who follow my IG account) about 2 weeks ago I had a baby possum fall into my fire escape that is attached to my studio window. Needless to say... doing the show that day was a FIASCO considering a Philly girl has never seen a possum that up close before.

Not only was I in full panic mode, but Animal Control was unable to come to the rescue because they're not allowed into people's houses amidst the pandemic... SO, It came down to my roommate and I (aka dumb and dumber) trying to discover new ways to free the baby possum (that of which we took a poll and came up with the name Pablo Picossum).

As if the escapades of journey number 1 with Pablo weren't enough for my sanity... he decided to come back AGAIN, 9 days later.

So this time we tried something new...

Check out the Escapades of Pablo Picossum Series below!



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