Netflix "The Circle" Cast Struggle To Say "Conshohocken" [VIDEO]

Meet Ed & Tammy -- you may have seen them frolicking around Netflix for the new social media experiment called "The Circle" , or you may also know them from being around town... meet Conshohocken's own!

In a gist, the show revolves around creating a social media profile, and communicating with others within the apartment complex without ever actually meeting them face-to-face... The goal is to find the catfishes, be the most liked, and win 100,000.

The mother-son duo came onto the show, technically as a "catfish"... considering the dynamic duo used Ed's likeness but Tammy's sweet social wits to help Ed communicate better with the ladies 😂

Overall, the pair finished in 5th place, represented PA VERY well & even made some DelCo friends along the way!

In the moments where Ed first introduces himself to "The Circle" the castmates ask where he's from, and the clips of the cast trying to pronounce "Conshohocken" are HYSTERICAL!

Check out the video below and our podcast with the local celebs on my Podcast called Serving SiRACHa on the iHeart Radio App!

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