Post Malone Gives Eagles Tattoo To HIS Tattoo Artist! [VIDEO]

If you know Post Malone... you know he loves 2 things:

1. Tattoos

2.The Cowboys

Which quite frankly seems to contradict his relationship with his personal tattoo artist, Kyle Hediger who ironically enough -- is from Philadelphia 😂 And we all know how we feel about the Cowboys...

Which is why Kyle & Posty battled It out via tattoos by putting each other's favorite NFL teams on one another!

Needless to say this could have gone very poorly...but Post Malone actually did a pretty solid job on our beloved Bird! He even says It's actually the best tattoo he's ever done!

Check out the video below while I bask in the fact that someone from PHILLY is the one out there giving Post Malone his notorious tattoos... Kyle you crush It, keep reppin'!

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