Kylie Jenner Is Getting Dragged For This Thoughtless Insta-Story Sequence

Does this surprise me? Not at all.

But does It bother me? Yes, yes It does.

In case you live under a rock (like Kylie Jenner clearly does) Australia is battling one of the most devastating natural disasters It's ever seen -- a bushfire that is burning through its wildlife and taking out homes, people, and animals.

Awareness has been raised across social media, especially by a lot of public figures to help spread the word and facilitate donations.

But our girl Kylie Jenner... seems to have been the ultimate contradiction of 2020 thus far.

She posted in support of the animals being affected by the fires, yet follows such insta-story with a post of her wearing MINK FUR Louis Vuitton slippers...thoughtless? Yes. Is Social Media happy? No.

If you're looking for ways to donate and help, click here!

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