This Is What Happens When Starbucks Gives Out Free Reusable Holiday Cups

So as I sit here staring at an empty reusable cup that I so graciously got from Starbucks today -- I'm pondering whether or not I should be mad.

Today, AND TODAY ONLY -- Starbucks is giving away FREE reusable holiday cups, you know, the famous holiday cups that change every year except these ones are REUSABLE and save the planet. yay.

HOWEVER, it's days like these where you want to steer clear of Starbucks considering everyone and their mother wants a free item.

I clearly didn't listen to my own advice: cause I placed a mobile order at 8:46am this morning for a Carmel Cloud Macchiato (mobile order meaning I can place the order in the safety of my apartment and go down to pick it up on my way to work without waiting) EXCEPT -- I was still standing there waiting for my coffee until 9:30am...

I had to leave without getting my coffee cause ya girl's got a show to do, but hey at least I got the free reusable cup right?!

Look at the madness these poor Starbucks workers had to endure.

Starbucks is giving away Reusable Cups Today! Here's how to get yours!
Starbucks is giving away Reusable Cups Today! Here's how to get yours!
Last year, to kick off their holiday drink menu, Starbucks gave out free reusable red cups . . . and you'd get a 50-cent discount on their holiday drinks when you...
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