Is Sixers' Ben Simmons Out For The Season?!

Ok, don't panic just yet... I'm not here to start any rumors but as I'm watching the Philadelphia Sixers' game via Twitter right now, the internet is slightly freaking out about Ben Simmons' latest injury.

What injury? You may ask? Well let's break this down.

Here's what happened during tonight's game against the Utah Jazz


So THEN -- we all get an update from the Philadelphia Sixers themselves. That of which threw the internet into a tizzy:


But then THIS guy, comes out of the woodwork causing ALL the drama -- and "quotes" an Associated Press article (that of which I can't find) saying Simmons is out for the season on some absurd injury that I've never heard of... am I just gullible or is this a real thing?


Clearly, people are taking this injury very seriously... Have we all really considered what this could mean for our beloved NBA team?!


Then we have the people who see this "shoulder soreness" for what it really is 😂


But don't worry... according to Twitter, we will all be informed on Ben Simmons' playing status in just a short period of time.


All-in-all.... we do not know what in the world is wrong with Ben Simmons.


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