NJ Couple Finds Rare Pearl Inside Oyster While Out To Dinner [PHOTO]

I've honestly only ever heard/ seen a pearl come out of an oyster in The Little Mermaid, or the pearl necklace kits that my mom used to buy me when I was little -- and even that was a shot in the dark!

But this couple in North Jersey found the rarest of them all while out to dinner one night, according to NBC10.

Anton and Sheryl Schermer were eating at Stern and Bow in Closter, when Anton noticed a hard piece of Oyster in his mouth. So when he spit it out, he came to find a rare pearl -- that of which is very uncommonly formed in an Oyster without human interjection nowadays.

That would have made for an amazing piece in my non-existent pearl necklace that I never finished as a kid!

Check out the photo!

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