Ben Simmons' 3pt Shot Makes For The Best Memes On The Internet Right Now

Last night, I was sitting up in bed when I heard my roommate [big philly sports fan] shout from outside the living room.

Naturally, I ran out assuming I missed something BIG and clearly... I DID! Because it seems like for the first time in Sixers history, wait for it...


But what's even better than that is that the Philadelphia fanbase community knows how big of a moment this is, considering Simmons has struggled with shooting a three pointer & his jump shot in seasons past.

So much so that people are meme-ing about this moment... and these are the funniest ones on the internet right now 😂

The Entire Philadelphia Sixers Team Just Hit The 'WOAH' [VIDEO]
The Entire Philadelphia Sixers Team Just Hit The 'WOAH' [VIDEO]
Did Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and more of our Philly faves just create another viral Philadelphia moment? We believe so!
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