Philadelphia Sixers Star Involved in Brawl At Eagles Tailgate [VIDEO]

Well this ain't a good look for the Sixers right now... or Philly in general.

One of our own, Sixers Star Mike Scott was spotted on Broad Street before the Eagles game yesterday sporting a jersey of the opposing team, the Washington Redskins.

Now lets recap this: Philadelphia Athlete... representing another team....IN PHILLY?!

Given, Scott is from Virginia which usually tends to gravitate towards Washington DC in sports. But still, you're in Philly now dude and you PLAY for a Philly team, show some love to the city that gave you your career?

Nonetheless, Broad Street wasn't the last to see Scott yesterday...


Mike Scott found himself in the middle of a fight during an Eagles tailgate outside of the Linc yesterday...

Literally, it looks like he's fully taking down a bunch of Eagles fan on our own turf. But besides that fact, it's just an ultimate disrespect in my personal opinion.

Regardless as to who started the fight, this is a TERRIBLE look for not just the Sixers, but Philly as a whole. We're supposed to be the "City of Brotherly Love" and this ain't it....

Redskins vs. Eagles Week 1 Highlights
Redskins vs. Eagles Week 1 Highlights
Redskins vs. Eagles Week 1 Highlights
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