Cardi B Says Meg Thee Stallion Is The Go-To for Twerking Lessons [VIDEO]

Ok wait a second... we all know Cardi B to be the Twerking QWEEN hence her song "Twerk" with the City Girls.

But when I got the chance to meet Cardi after her Twerk-tastic performance at Made In America here in Philly this weekend-- I naturally had to ask her to teach me the secret to the back-breaking dance move.

But to my surprise, Cardi B stated that she doesn't think she's THAT good at twerking -- and if I really wanted some lessons, then I should hit up Meg thee Stallion...

SHOOK is the only way I can put it, but also beyond awesome that Cardi showed a fellow female rapper of hers some love.

Hands down; Cardi B was one of the nicest artists I've ever met who is also unapologetically herself. Which is genuine, HYSTERICAL and amazing to hang out/ have a conversation with!

Check out our convo!

Cardi B Puts On A Show At Made In America
Cardi B Puts On A Show At Made In America
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