What Are These 'Then & Now' Philly Photos Popping Up On Instagram?!

What are these and why didn't we think of them sooner?!

I'm not really sure what they're called -- but I'm calling it the 'Then & Now' project, where you take a timeless & nostalgic hard copy photo (I know, what even is that?) And put it up against it's original scenery in real time!

The concept is so cool -- and it looks like @filmtourismus on Instagram kinda coined the idea while traveling the world.

Some of the accounts most recent reminisce includes Will Smith in West Philadelphia playing BBall outside of the school! There's also Rocky Balboa celebrating atop the Art Museaum steps and much more iconic Philly scenes that tug on the heart strings.

It almost reminds me of the insta-famous "@foodintheair" era...

Does anyone know what these are and why it's trending in Philly?!

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