Princeton Review Ranks A Tri-State School #3 For Party Schools In The US

Every year, the Princeton Review comes out with it's top ranked party schools for the year.

This year, it looks like a tri-state school has made the cut and representing HARD.

Shout out the the blue hens, cause the University of Delaware came in at #3!

However, I am biased... because although UDel did lose it's 2018 #1 title, I am a Syracuse University Alum -- that of which just came in #1 on Princeton Reviews ranking WOOP!

But just so everyone knows, having the #1 party school ranking isn't much fun... it raises a red flag to administration and all the parties get more regulated & even more shut down in order to keep the "academic focus" [I was a student when Syracuse came in #1 again in 2015 -- I have 1st hand experience]

So if anything, I think #3 is a good spot for UDel to reign! Honestly, I'm slightly surprised that Penn State is missing from the mix!

The rank of 2019 is as follows:

  1. Syracuse University
  2. University of Alabama
  3. University of Delaware

This Year's Top Party Schools
This Year's Top Party Schools
The Princeton Review released its annual list of party school rankings. Did you go to a party school?
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