How NOT To Do The Git Up Challenge ft. Rach & Raph [VIDEO]

We've all heard of the Bottle Cap Challenge...

We've all attempted at the slow-mo jetski/ quad-runner.

But this new internet challenge is one that al of us can do, and includes simply dancing and enjoying the summer time, alone or with a "love partner"

It's called the #GitUpChallenge that features Blanco Brown's new song "The Git Up" -- which may be our new modern version of the electric slide.

The song coaches you threw the challege/dance itself; and quite frankly you can't not LAUGH while doing it!

Check out the attempt by myself and @mynameisraph to watch how it's NOT done! 😂

BEST OF: The Git Up Challenge
BEST OF: The Git Up Challenge
People sure do love to film themselves dancing to this Blanco Brown song, lol. Some of these folks are pretty good, too! - Cole
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