Gritty Is Looking For A Summer Job & Put His Resume Out On Twitter [PHOTO]

Gritty is just like us all, looking for a job during the off season.

In which case, one of our favorite Philly mascots decided to put out his resume on social media in the hopes of snatching some sort of summer gig!

But common Gritty... first off, everyone knows your most recent jobs come first!

Secondly, "Freelance content curator" I'm CRYING at the description: "took a year off to find myself" 😂 I'm a Millennial, didn't even do this -- but it SCREAMS that generation cause we love exploring.

AND THAT GPA AVERAGE THO?! I thought I partied hard in school...

Check out Gritty's resume, and maybe (or maybe not) get some ideas for your potential applications for the summer!


Maybe Gritty can just follow the JoBro's around this summer since he seems to be their BIGGEST Philly fan!

WATCH: Gritty Reveals He's A Jonas Brother Superfan
WATCH: Gritty Reveals He's A Jonas Brother Superfan
Same Gritty, same.
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