YouTuber Freaks Out Audience With Passionate Make Out With SISTER [VIDEO]

Ok...this is a serious WTF incest moment and it's FREAKING ME OUT!

A YouTuber named Chris Monroe -- also known as PrankInvasion -- allegedly wanted to prank his half-sister Kaitlyn O'Connor into making out with him.

But there's not much of a Prank about it... IT HAPPENED, and she's REALLY his sister. And as awkward as it seemed to be for Kaitlyn, Chris had no problem going in for the smooch.

According to Daily Mail, The video starts with Chris 'stalking' his sister for an hour, filming her from a distance as she walks around their house, before confronting her in her bedroom. 

The uncomfortable encounter has now illicit over 5.5 MILLION views on YouTube.... but like WHY...

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