Mysterious Letter Found in Philly Mailboxes Is Going VIRAL, Did You Get It?

This is... bizarre, and quite frankly doesn't make any sense to me or anyone in Philadelphia who received this mysterious letter in their Mailbox last week.

Apparently, a very disoriented letter was typed out and distributed amongst Philly mailboxes, urging people to know that if you want to become a steel statue, then you undergo anesthesia... and something about eating babies and burning alive?

Quite frightening isn't it? Which is why the internet is freaking out and not taking it too lightly either.

This letter has gone viral and apparently, many people plan on "Do Attend" this board meeting on April 27th on Girard Ave (as determined in the letter) to figure out what the heck any of this actually means...


On another note -- you can always count on social media to make light of the situation 😂

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